To whom it may concern

                      By: Francheska Morales

To whom it may concern:

    I am resigning because there has been a conflict within my schedules. I appreciate what this company has done for me ( which is nothing). I also appreciate all the experience I have learned within the past three years
                    Fuck You!

I quit because I finally admitted to myself that this company dehumanizes their employees.

I quit because I cannot stand behind the founder who went from being the oppressed to the oppressor.
                    Yes Big Stressor!
And I Know What You’re Thinking…
Esta bien exaggerated.
Yes of course.
Can’t call out power trips for what they are.

Please don’t worry too much…
I will find another… JOB

And yes I know jobs are limited but my brain is not!
I’d rather be jobless than mindless to the snapping of the fingers that are as command.

Big Bad Man???
Saying yeah I said she gotta fat ass so what?
Called his bluff
Cause I really could give a shit of what you like
its the who’s in the world that I demand you talk about with respect!
And yes again I know what you’re thinking
Mind my own
And I will , once I stop getting honked at while walking to the corner store but anyway that is another topic for every single day.

Why I Quit?
Your company has unrealistic expectations goals
Snap snap!

Everything that everyone has tried on from all day, It all needs to be put away and oh by the way half of the clothes are on the floor
Oh not done well hurry up we have to  all done in twenty minutes
pay rolls not looking so good
um hunni this is retail tommorow try not to look so hood…

Um you’re sick?? and your copay is twenty??
um that sucks
doctors note and all you’re still getting written up

Okay shut up!

Never in my job description did I say I was a super heroe
Just a human/student/sister/poet/friend and stranger

But you know what? I know I can!
I can be whatever I want to be as long as it has nothing to do with hungry capitalists , blood or surgeries.

I put my feet on the grass so I can stay grounded.

I quit because I know bettter
I quit because this job stands for everything I am against
And after reading pedagogy of the oppressed let’s just say you don’t want none of this!

Hope you understand my reasons for resigning

Thank you.